My dear friends, Europe’s problem is not Greece, nor the Member of the South E.U. The huge problem is Germany and this inevitably leads us to our Plan B’ with the Germans outside the E.U. That should be the next target of all the state-members and the big present for the New incoming Year for all of the people in Europe!
Let promptly understand all states, that the only way out and solution for the conservation of the great vision of a United Europe is one, THE IMMEDIATE EXCLUSION OF GERMANY. If this doesn’t happen E.U. will be dissolved!!!

   There is no need for someone to be an economist or wise to see where the evolutions are leading. It is enough to live in E.U. If we don’t want to be spectators of the end of this act, it should immediately be created a solidarity Europe, as indeed it must be as an entity, with rules and democratic values and principles able to launch and build from the start fair and equitable relationships and a future among all E.U. member states!
   As Greeks we hope that it is possible this to start from our country. However the question is whether the circumstances allow it in this period and if there are in our country political men able to drive the chariot.  If not, some other leaders of other nations should do it and we will follow them, all united as one punch, in order the nations to escape of the worst that is ahead of them!


   Do not imagine that this is something difficult to occur, provided of course to be done methodically and strategically! The big problem will now occur for Germany itself, with huge implications for its economy, while being the third consecutive time in its modern history that will be asked to pay the price it deserves for its devastating and expansion plans in expense of other peoples of Europe and not only!

   Is this shock they must suffer in their economy, to receive what they deserve finaly, not only as a state but also as a nation and this can happen with their ousting from the E.U and the simultaneouss implementation of an organized boycott against them by the same partners that used to support them until now, to everything they produce inside and outside their borders, under any body corporate and any point on earth!!!
     When they will found themselves alone having to face the spectrum of a bankruptcy, while watching their economy to collapse, firstly they will be decommissioned for some decades, ceasing to be dangerous for the world community and secondly perhaps they will understand this time that the policies pursued are not only devastating about other people but can be also fateful for them!

   Not only the southern countries are currently facing insuperable problems, in these are added now and Members of the North. So we absolutely believe that it's time the Germans to pay their selfish choices, while all of Europe came out into the streets, reacting to austerity policies and to their conquering and stinking purposes!!!
   See what happens in the last month across Europe from the South to the North, with millions of people out in the streets, to demand change of economic policy of  Berlin and Brussels, while in the same time large states and powerful until yesterday, pillars in EU, such as France and Italy, are in danger of collapsing!
   Paul Krugman, economist at a recent article in the New York Times, says that Germany is responsible for the problem in Europe and the pathogenesis of the Greek situation and this is due to the arrogance and false political and economic choices. Also hundreds of other economists and politicians from around the world do not cease to consider them responsible for the misery of Europe. Even their own people, former and current politicians such as their Minister of the Economy -Chancellor Sigmar Gabriel, judging from the inside, he concludes to the same conclusion!
Unfortunately, we all became suddenly citizens of a multinational and authoritarian regime, forced to live under hostage and under the German’s boot. This was the aim of those who envisioned the EU?

  If this, for all the other people of Europe, is not extreme shame, what else is?

  All nations of the world have to understand (because it concerns them) and also their leaders, that this people should always be under surveillance because they will never change their dictrine, changing targets and culture. Germany led the people in two glabal wars, and this time started the third global war by using the most strong weapon, the money, controlling for start the economies of all the nation of Europe by following tactics worst than those of Jihadists, recording already victim numbers multiples them!!!
  After all these, reasonably somebody wonders how can people who mourned tens of millions of victims, do not react to their plans. What games are played and in which point has reached the sepsis and the corruption of the Europian leaders and the rest of the world for failing react!
   However the answers exist and the evolution is coming, even though they don’t believe in this, those who move the fibers hoping that they will not be affected and the time to pay will not come! Let them see the end of some leaders at some points of earth and they will understand!

   Reaching to the end of this very important article (please let me believe that), we have to underline that the existing problem of E.U must be internationalized immediately and everywhere because it’s a problem of all the states of the world! Alsothose who believe in the power of the people let activated as individuals and as entities but also as organizations to lobby their governments in order to find Germany the next day outside the E.U!

   All people that read this article should remember that if Germany doesn’ t get dismissed of the E.U, THE PRICE THAT ALL THE NATIONS OF EUROPE AND THEN ALL THE PEOPLE OF THE WORLD WILL HAVE TO PAY WILL BE HUGE!!!

   Finally, it must be understood from all citizens of the world that from now on, we all must undertake our responsibilities towards our nations and each one of us haw to offer with his work what he can. Of course, those who are regulators of developments, such as the mass media, political parties and the governments of the people are the ones that should do the most!!!

  With utmost respect and appreciation for the remaining healthy International Mass Media, democratic parties and all the people of Europe!!!


B. Anagnostou (Greece)

Author of the book "21st CENTURY - The Schism of the peoples and the modern Renaissance!" Versions Livani, January 2014

This article was translated and selectively sent to the media of all EU countries and the USA. It was also sent to their respective governments, and all the European institutions!

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