Gentlemen, finally, stop the Germans before they dye once again the earth red with the blood of your peoples. The time has come to understand that with German as the leader power of Europe, the seventy year old truce ended!

     Do not anyone hope at any point of earth he is, that the Germans will not cause the 3rd World War in their effort to complete their ardent vision. The time is approaching and unfortunately, for the people of Europe but for the other peoples too, the countdown has begun!

     However, perhaps we should all ask ourselves as global citizens if it is indeed about our leaders’ ostrich-like or an organized plan of powerful and vicious circles, those who control the global economy and the dirty politicians, who always determine the global developments.
     Those, who when they decide it, they have the ways to create the most extreme economic and geopolitical conditions at the expense of the peoples, not hesitating to destroy economies and whole countries, something that we unfortunately see to happen today at most parts of the world!

      And of course, the huge question is: what peoples do, who they do not seem to realize the Armageddon coming, leaving their leaders to lead them to destruction!
     It is what will inevitably happen and we will live, as they will try as people once again to become sovereign of Europe and this will certainly be the reason for the mankind to relive times worse than those that nobody wants to remember!

     They methodically managed, initially, to set up the 4th Reich mutating their country into a leader and economic giant of Europe, punishing and subjugating, at first, financial all their peoples, repaying part of those who suffered as a state and people from their defeats at the two World Wars, setting the basis to complete, as they believe, their conquest plans!

     Unfortunately, it turns out that the first part of their plan succeeded, while the developments and facts convince us that they are close to the completion of  the second stage of their criminal and destructive plans for the societies of peoples.  
     If we  look at the percentages of their peoples who welcome this colonial, fascist policy of their leadership towards their partners (see the percentage of Merkel) and especially how popular is for them, this fascist, neo-Nazi and misanthrope ruthless executioner of peoples of Europe, W. Schaeuble, that we see daily his popularity to grow from a people lost in intolerance and the nationalist sick feelings, that does not cease to support him with rates of over 70%, should concern all the peoples of the earth and their any remaining selfless leaders, as it is about a percentage identical to that which gave the power and command to their mentor and leader Adolf Hitler to start the 2nd World War!     
  And certainly, none of this is accidental or coincidental on the contrary they lead us to reliable conclusions!
     However, as people, they have not understood that the problem is primarily their own, because whatever will happen, in the end, the biggest price will be paid by them, and this time will be fatal at all levels, since as people, they will not deserve any pity!

     I will not go in the process to explain why, let them find the reasons themselves, if they are interested in their future, because they cause their luck and soon they will become Europe's pariahs. Let them change minds and promptly forget their expansionist and conquering purposes, because soon they will not have to do only with the weak, as they will find themselves alone and against all!

     Finally, even now, before entering the straight for the end of the route, let all the leaders of Europe open their eyes at last, because if we will vindicate (something that will eventually happen), their people must crucify them at squares and hang them in the steeples, to be eaten by the crows and this would be the minimum that could suffer of those that their peoples will suffer, because times have changed and the consequences of a 3rd World War will have no relation to what happened in the past!

With appreciation and respect for all Democratic peoples of the earth, hoping to their early awakening to proceed directly to the next step, described in our article below,


V. Anagnostou (GREECE)


Author of the book "21st CENTURY - The Schism of the peoples and the modern Renaissance!" Versions Livani, January 2014

PS. This article will be sent to the media of all EU countries and the USA. Also it will be sent to their respective governments, institutions and personal to the Heads of these states! 






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