How is it possible not to see and predict what all the simple people can?

     Is it so difficult to understand that with your economic policy you create a new multi-national force of Jihadists, which will emerge from the insides of the global community and will eventually turn against all?
     Against the peoples and leaders and all those who guide them, those who control the world economy leading people into poverty and destitution, in other words against you and your mentors, silly leaders and “walkers” of politics!

      How dare you be surprised and declare supposedly shocked by what happened in Paris, when you are the instigators, those who first do the biggest financial and other crimes against your and other nations, as meddling with selfish and stench purposes, making unhappy hundreds of millions people, ravaging economies and States to achieve any criminal and conquest purposes!
     When will you understand that we are not in the 19th century and that today even the weak can defend themselves when they decide to “scatter” terror and death to keep their vision alive for a better life?
     How are you convinced that peoples are obliged to experience everyday their misery leading to their social obsolescence, even their extinction and not to react and how is it possible not to expect these events that we experience now and the next period to happen?

     Please learn from a simple but intelligent citizen of this country that you no longer need to worry about how many Jihadists in the future will pass your border, because your domestic production will be multiple of this phenomenon!!!
     Why don't you see what happened in great Russia of the Tsars, the French Revolution, but also in many other countries when peoples were led into helplessness and misery by taking matters into their own hands, executing their leaders and all other “owners”!


     And now to the point: I do not know what your people or the Jihadists will do to you, silly, but how is it possible in the 21st century to want to subdue all Greek people, turning our State into your colony and citizens to pariahs, realizing the most stench, ruthless and obvious to all of us plan to lose our properties and everything else and to end up to the streets jobless, homeless or servants, even in prison!
     The only thing you will achieve, in total increased daily number of Jihadists of all the peoples of Europe, is to add Greeks too, with their right, anger and fury, as they will no longer have any other way to escape, because their "friends partners” and lenders will have taken everything from them!

     I don't know if you have time to change the flow of global developments, but I think is worth for the good of all to try to revert to the values and principles that the institution of democracy declares, respecting the country that helped you to progress as individuals and evolving in organized societies, offering you something that is not priced and paid with all the riches of the Earth!!!
     You injusticed and vilified our country by demoralizing and  redeeming consciousness and politicians, stealing money of the Greek State through overpriced,  transnational contracts and other companies, such as Siemens and have the obligation to rectify, moving as responsible States directly to the cut of its loans, something that you should think very seriously!

     Gentlemen embrace Greeks and change tactics!!!

     You trapped our people, making him finally to sign his surrender, under occupation and you demand to help the European defense effort of the advent of refugees, illegal immigrants and Jihadists to Europe, preserve its borders!
     Finally you want us allies and beside you or against you?
     You will decide, however wonder as intelligent people, Europeans and our partners and not as deceitful leaders, maybe it's time to pay the Greeks your double as above debt!!!

With respect,

V. Anagnostou (GREECE)

Author of the book "21st CENTURY - The Schism of the peoples and the modern Renaissance!" Versions Livani, January 2014

PS. This article will be sent to the media of all EU countries and the USA. Also it will be sent to their respective governments, institutions and personal to the Heads of these states!


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