EU leaders and you in the USA, is it time to ask yourself what is the amount of your debt to our country? Do you know that as long as you exist as states and entities operating with our own Institution, this supreme Constitution of the DEMOCRACY of ATHENS, you will always owe a price that can no longer exist on earth?

      And you, gentlemen, especially the French politicians, who have decided to declare our Prime Minister to a great political man and a wise democrat, proud and honored with awards of "political vivacity, morals and many other gifts", in addition to having hit the wrong door trying to sell a profligate donor and rotten commodity, your own representative executive body and your subordinate who betrayed his homeland by offering everything to you and the Germans as well as to our other "friends and partners", all of our banks, let alone OUR PROPERTIES & THE HOUSES OF OUR PEOPLE, OCCURRING OUR CITIZENS TO HOMELESS AND PARIANS, please for all of these and many other "good" that he has offered in his homeland, hold him for you and make him your prime minister as long as you admire him and finally stop attacking the intelligence of our people!!!

     Gentlemen, never forget who unconditionally offered you whatever precious you have as countries and nations, which unfortunately today  turns out to be a great mistake of our ancestors, but it is never too late to change it!!! Do you really believe that there is a price for everything that we have offered you as people and nation? Do you imagine, without the Institution of the Republic, the wisdom, knowledge and culture of our ancestors where will you be today, and whether it would be possible for you to function as free organized and civilized societies? After all of these, do you really believe that you do not owe the Greeks?
      Dear ones, at last respect our people!!! You are addressed in Greeks, to your spiritual mentors, STOP THE THEATER AND THIS RIDICULOUS REPRESENTATION OF THE INCIDENTIAL DEFENCE, THIS TACTIC IS NOT HONEST EVEN FOR YOU!!!!!!

      Last but not least, and in order not to "offend" some political leaders and "allies" as all of you are the "friends and solidarity" people and states, no Greek will challenge the praises you deserve and which must be attributed to you, because you have indeed found the "right politicians" to save your economies from 2010 since today, those despicable and traitors politicians who our people could not unfortunately dismiss in time from the political life of this country to save their homeland! So leave us in our drama to measure our wounds and if you really want to help the Greeks in these difficult moments by paying off even part of your indefinite debt to them, JUST DELETE THE DEBT!!!

Vasilis Anagnostou


Author of the book "21st Century - The Dividing of Peoples and the ModernRenaissance!" By Livanis.

Y.K. This article has been translated into English and has been sent to the media of all EU and USA countries. It is also sent to their corresponding governments, their institutions and personally to each head of state across the World!!!

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