Gentlemen, what finally happens with you, when will you cease to be hypocrites, dishonest and anti-Greeks? You did not even apologize to our people, despite your acceptance that you drove us in the most dishonest and selfish way, to the current impasse and to destruction!  

     Where are the friendly intentions, relations and, always at your own statements, continuous support towards our country?   
     Shame, if this word still tells you something, at least in a level among the peoples!
     However, it is time for you to learn that very soon, in a body all the Greek people beyond ideologies and parties, whatever that means to you and us, will choose Russia as allies and will finally dismiss your consciously, placing you in the “dustbin” of history and this of course will be exclusively your own work!
     You did not respect our people and you still demonstrate your power in an ally country which regularly and at all levels had always been at your side!

     Please see the evil you have done until today in our country, but also your further behavior, as you lead us captives, helpless and devalued as a people of slaves in complete submission and enslavement, to understand why we do not want you as allies anymore!
     I hope as a Greek and trust me, millions of other Greeks feel and want the same, to be the last moments between our allied and any other interstate relations, because as our people say, if you are our friends and allies (that you turned us into slaves and your colony), then who are our enemies?   

     That’s enough gentlemen, you crossed the line!  

     Our people are over with you and that is what angry and desperate people say through the mouth of a Greek who always believed that the position of his country belonged to the West! And that is exactly what should scare you, unwise and unintelligent leaders taking it as a message for all people, as everything leads to cosmological, catastrophic changes, that even those who will write the future history will wonder about your paranoia, because you do not unfortunately understand where you lead peoples and humanity!

     When the whole earth “shouts” with the exposure-confession “bomb” of IMF that with the EU through your decisions for your selfish and stench interests, you entirely ruined a country and its people, a whole nation and while you accept your responsibilities and referring to them apologizing for your choices and actions (for those who ignore the text of the report, read it), however you continue your execrable project and do crimes against our people!

     An intelligent man would expect, as responsible leaders and nations to take your responsibilities against to allied people and a country like Greece, with this special geostrategic and geopolitical position, reviewing and revising your posts, canceling and deleting programs and debts, so our country will stand on its own feet again. On the contrary you continue to fall as vultures over our corpses to finish us as a nation!

     So, be well, all of our friends and our European partners, who for safeguarding some of your banks, you deliberately bankrupted our country turning it into your colony and its people in a poor and addicted society!
     And be glad for your own Nation, you genocide Americans of your natively residents of your continent, who as allies you made a second genocide!
     At least you, the second ones, ask yourself whether you should respect what the Greeks have offered you, giving you the right to approach knowledge, values ​​and wisdom through the use of their sacred institution of the Democracy, where from a barbarian society of looters and slaves, you mutated and found to live as individuals in an organized society, dominating over all other States of earth!

     After all these how is it possible to move to your next unspoken act and to ask directly the pledging of our country for some of your remaining loans? That is you force us to deliver you as a country what is left of the entire essential infrastructure of the state, such as ports, power plants, mineral resources and whatever else you choose.

     You exploit the desperate situation of our country that you are responsible for and acting as common mobsters and gangsters you proceed to methods which dissolve the social fabric and state, health, welfare, pensions, our wages and business, turning the place into a vast café of unemployed. You appropriated the banks and through them all the loans of Greeks at a low price, to finally throw 10.000.000 Greeks to the street, plunging our country each passing day to a bigger recession, always following the same tactic of this fed recession, so will never be a hope for rapprochement of the country to normality and rehabilitation!
     And to all these since yesterday, you also added new austerity measures 3 billion!
     I am sorry, but someone has to tell you that you might redeem consciousness of some of our insufficient politicians and other connected but at least learn to respect and not insult the intelligence of the citizens of this country!

     Gentlemen, if all this does not lead us back to another era, centuries or millennium, where the power of the strong and the oppressor was dominated, where people were being slaughtered by the powerful, then what different in another form we could accept that happens today, at the expense of the weak and helpless to defend themselves peoples?

     So listen, all you arrogant strong leaders, that you got out of control and play with the lives of entire peoples, that things got into another dimension, where you and your peoples will pay a heavy price. Times have changed and it is something that we see and live anymore as citizens from the one side of the earth to another.
     If you do not show understanding to people’s problems and not wake up in time, the global community will be led in paths that will make the previous wars seem funny!

     Think of your peoples and families, because those who lose their dreams and hopes, whether are individuals or organized societies which not having anything else to lose, do not hesitate to even sacrifice their lives!
     It's what we live this time as a global community with jihadists and that will lead other global citizens up to entire peoples to the spreading of a phenomenon, reaching to the  undesirable outcome for all, even for you unwise and naive, to finally live as moribund!

     A Greek who still wonders how it is not possible the leaders of nations realize the tragic situation that happens worldwide.
     Foolish, bend over people, respect them and solve their problems promptly, because the Armageddon started and its journey is approaching!!!

Vasilis Anagnostou (Greece)


Author of the book "21st CENTURY - The Schism of peoples and the modern Renaissance!"

This article was translated and selectively sent to the media of all EU countries and the USA. It was also sent to their respective governments, heads of State and all the European institutions.


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