Finally, open your eyes, see what happens throughout the earth and be sure to change your plans because the tolerances of the people dried up and your lies no longer convince anyone!

     Stop fooling peoples with supposedly rescues and finances miracles because you fool yourselves and give an end to this tale, as everyone knows that you are tagged economic -and not only- criminals of peoples, source of all the bad things of the planet!
     Cease to misinform the world public opinion, trying to win the impressions clearing the way for your interventions, destroying any next and helpless targeted states.

     Finally learn, inadequate politicians and rulers of economically weak states that you move in the dark controlling the global economy, playing with the destinies of peoples, that all these crimes you do reach all peoples of the earth through thousands of reputable commentators and journalists and that in this fight Greece is not alone anymore!
     Do not believe for a moment that the world public opinion ignores what is happening and  do not  also believe that you can interfere forever in their countries, make the states and peoples poor,  turning them into pariahs, catalyzing at the same time their Freedom, creating colonies and slavery, ignoring that even the Colored people ceased to be slaves!

     However, learn that every moment that passes, the river swells and soon will drift everything, you too!
     Peoples no longer withstand this inequality and their living conditions. You ruined their dreams of a better future, they were tired of waiting and lost their hopes, so see what is happening around you and spend the last moments of your dominance!
     As much as you try to hide the results of your intervention, no one can longer deny the disastrous consequences that suffered those who dared to trust you, as with your programs, instead of helping their economies, you converted them into protectorates and your colony!

     How is it possible for all peoples of the earth not to learn what is happening in Greece and what has happened in Portugal? How dare you argue and crow referring to its supposedly ''rescue” when it involves the full surrender and selling of their country, the loss of liberty and the establishment of a dictatorial system-- what you imposed as lenders-invaders - leaving behind you citizens ruins and a country under your absolute sovereignty, putting into your possession their heavy industry and other lucrative and strategically important businesses, turning their state into a third-world country of low labor cost, with dependent citizens, vassals and slaves of their debts!

     At the same time you managed to knock down the foundations of their sanctuary constitution establishing your own '' constitution of powerful '', what you apply and always force by the same tactic of the economic strangulation of peoples, dragging them and the governments in their unconditional surrender, creating your own colonies as chosen of God and almighty rulers of the peoples!
     Unfortunately, irresponsible “leaders” of  your people, you never understood the game that Germany plays and where this leads the EU. When this happens, it will be too late for all Europe, but for the world community too!!!
     The fact that Portugal disciplined in your programs perfectly – contrary to Greece - respecting faithfully all the conditions you imposed, selling out among others, most of its public property and in the end found to be your colony, this answers a number of critical questions and vindicates absolutely Greece for its any resistances!
     It turns out that this is a conspiracy, mainly by Germans, and it is not a coincidence that after so many sacrifices as a country, you literally converted it to a site of Germany. Unfortunately for them their biggest employers are now the German companies, something that forces all states in the world to ask themselves if the drug which some countries that “sank” in crisis had to drink –always under the pressure of the German government and the Troika-- has destructive side effects, even in the most exemplary student, as in the case of Portugal.

     However, your devious and destructive policy is confirmed in retrospect today - by some apparently honest Germans – by  a television survey they made seeking the truth.
     Its results prove that the country is now occupied by Germany under the Prussian boot, without any possibility to regain its national independence!   

     After this, who do you  try to fool mindless leaders? 

     How is it possible to believe that peoples do not see or be informed about your approach and acts? That mainly the largest German industries settled in their country, such as Bosch and Volkswagen, paying starvation wages at about the 1/4 of Germany, producing their goods  which then are exported to Germany, while their working conditions refer to medieval conditions !

     And for example some people have to see what happens with the Lidl company (the largest employer of most industry in their country) and what conditions has imposed. They are forbidden to speak in the workplace and refer to the conditions and surely cannot be displayed in the media and refer to their issues if they do not want suddenly to find to be found on the street without compensation, something that for their German employers is now a very easy process.
     Moreover they have been split into three main categories: red, orange and green. In the red one they are recorded those for immediate dismissal, in the orange the subsequent candidates, and in the green everyone else - on the basis of whether or not speak, if they complain, work more hours without overtime and / or without breaks. It is said that they are even monitored in the locker room or dining canteens by hidden cameras, as had once been documented in German chain stores - so to properly judge their evaluation.

     So Gentlemen you converted a European society to a slave society, at a period that does not honor the human race! Well done, congratulations !!!

      Finally, some people have to see –who maybe even now ignore who are those that govern them, what they do and how they treat their fellow man, even their own peoples, to see the nakedness and their abjection, the spirit who possess them as leaders, their abasement and the redemption of their consciousness that allowed them to participate in these crimes, but also the level and moral of others, those who have already led their peoples in the memorandum and the nails of their lenders, we will take care that this article and many more to arrive as awakening messages to all peoples of the earth!

     Of course you, leaders of peoples, will find something to say as you always do to justify your actions, your inadequacy and your stinking plans, but you are exclusively responsible for what has happened and will happen and most of peoples know it!

     And in view of the entry into the new year let’s -all peoples of Europe- welcome the 4th Reich and let’s praise together the new magnificent and historical moments of our surrender  to the Germans!
     I do not only know what will happen and how the 60,000,000 dead people that the 3rd Reich left behind will react, however if you hear the earth roars do not worry, are the tremors from the bones of the dead!

Vasilis Anagnostou (Greece)


Author of the book "21st CENTURY - The Schism of peoples and the modern Renaissance!"

PS. As for you Wolfgang, we wish you next year to become President of the World, so it will be easier for you to paint with blood not only Europe but the whole earth too!

This article was selectively sent to the media of all EU countries and the USA. It was also sent to their respective governments, heads of State and all the European institutions.


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