Silly and perverse duet, and all you fellow passengers  at the train of intolerance, followers of fascist and Nazist past period, that you once again believed in your twice lost vision, that  you can put in your possession in the 21st century the peoples of Europe and other peoples  too under your domination, learn that the time of crisis has come!

     Forgetful Germans, you have not yet figured out what awaits you!

     You went against, not only all the countries of Europe - even if some of them have not manifested yet, learn that everyone is against you - but also with all the other Free nations of earth, so it's time for you to pay.
     What happened to your citizens in Istanbul is just the beginning; the road ahead is very long and bloodstained. Take turn and start counting your victims too, as the end of this route you chose will be worse than that in the 2nd World War.

     For several years I have never stopped warning you, and I think not only me but also many others, that the account you will be asked to pay will be much more expensive than that which the others will pay. However you failed to comply, so take a big notebook and start counting!

     And addressing to your people - hoping this article to reach your citizens - I would like to tell them along with all the other citizens of Europe, that they face their last critical moment to decide properly, replacing the above duo and all the other neo-Nazis and sick fascists likeminded, with Democrats and wise politicians, as the consequences that they will suffer will be multiples than those German in 2nd World War suffered.
     Certainly, the more likely to happen, when some of them will receive this article – letter, carried away by their national conceit, considering  their successful dominance on other people until today, is to smile perhaps to mock the above references.
     However, they have to keep in mind this text to remind them their arrogance and their mistakes, when their people will pay the price and their state will eventually turn into a pariah of the global community!!!

A rudimentarily intelligent Greek.

With respect,

V. Anagnostou (GREECE)

Author of the book "21st CENTURY - The Schism of the peoples and the modern Renaissance!"

PS. This article was sent to the media of all EU countries and USA. Also it was sent to their respective governments, institutions and personal to the Heads of these states!

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