Gentlemen, congratulations for accomplishing your goals and for the historical moments you give to peoples of Europe to live the EU dissolution and once again their surrender to powerful now Germany of the fascists and neo-Nazis!

     However, be sure that nobody will forget you. You will be recorded in world history as the leaders who betrayed their peoples and led Europe in a new German occupation!
     Furthermore, be sure that you will make your descendants to be ashamed of bearing your name and consider yourselves lucky if after your global castigation, will not execute you for your acts and your crimes.

     Gentlemen, finally, is there at least one of you that could respect what he represents? I would not like to refer to the ladies, as I think they are much more honest and decent, judging them as politicians, and they should be in your shadow if you were real leaders and not to be under their shadow and hostage!

     I hope the above to concern you a little bit and offend you so much that they could stimulate at least your manhood and make you responsible as people and politics, even convert you to males, because you should know that is another thing for someone to be a man and other to be a male, as males are also the dogs and all the other lower beings like hyenas and macaca!

     However, do not rejoice with your acts because believe me silly that the difficulties for you are in front of you, even if it is not easy for you to realize it because of your intelligence, you will feel that very soon.
     Moreover, be sure that the next silly people that will be described in public by this scheming, misanthrope and fascist will be yourselves, because anyway all Germans even now taunt you, you just turn a blind eye, cheating yourselves and your people.

     To end my letter, because after all you do not have the intention to accept and understand the above, I will mention and blame the last colonialist behavior of your mentor, fascist, neo-Nazi  and boss Schaeuble, whose existence is a shame for you and throughout Europe, as his yesterday's sentence to a leader of an ally country in public and with audience throughout the earth, gives the actual dimension of the existential problem of today's EU and proves the correctness of all these positions that accuse Germany!

     When will you graduate, accredited, silly politicians understand, that in order to save your people from the suffering that awaits them, up to the next World War that certainly Germans will cause, Germany must be found directly outside the EU and suffer those consequences that we  describe in our article  Plan B- GERMANY OUTSIDE THE EUROPEAN UNION !!!

     Silly little leaders of large and proud peoples of Europe, even now respect your peoples and stop the German offensive, carrying out your work, because Armageddon arrived and is over the heads of all of us. Do not have illusions that will not touch you and you will be saved. Finally, realize where we are going and save Europe!!!

With respect to all Democratic people of the earth!

V. Anagnostou (GREECE)

Author of the book "21st CENTURY - The Schism of the peoples and the modern Renaissance!"

PS. This article was sent to the media of all EU countries and USA. Also it was sent to their respective governments, institutions and personal to the Heads of these states!


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