Aside from our stupid and incompetent politicians that you exploited by making them subservient to you, have you understood that you go to the genocide of entire people, notably European people that you owe them everything?

     How is it possible to forget those that the Greeks offered you?
     What are you trying to do, to eliminate a nation and to convert those who will be left into slaves and their homeland in a colony?
     Is it possible to attempt today such acts, believing that the Greeks will accept them? You have not learned anything from our history?

     But beyond these, did you forget that you are people? We, destitute now Greeks that you denied us the essential for 6 continuous martyrdom years, who we fall into the sea to save as many souls as we can from the hundreds of thousands who enter our country, feeding them with our remnant, while you enjoy what is happening of your lounges, resenting to accept even some of them, dare you to accuse us and threaten us simultaneously that you will throw us outside the Schengen! No shame? When will you finally transmute again into people?

     What do you believe when you ask our citizens to accept the measures you impose, that means to pay 70-82% total taxes on their income and live with 200 or 500 € per month (for those who can have them, because one in three citizens do not even have that money and are starving), plus that they have to pay at the same time their installments and their loans!
     Have you wondered if you can live with it?
     When will you stop insulting our intelligence?

     And of course, because the last Greek understands now your obvious objectives and your stinking plans to settle in this heaven on earth stealing everything, making all Greeks homeless, rogue and your servants learn finally "our good ex partners and allies", that to treat us as inquisitors of the Middle Ages, firstly it is not compatible with the human behavior in the 21st century and secondly that what you will succeed is to transmute and finally add 10 million people to the ranks of jihadists!
     Have you wondered non - intelligent what you are doing?

     And before you answer, ask your children, if they suddenly lose their fortunes and close their businesses or the banks take them and be found to  the streets, if their parents do not have to eat or their own children, if they cannot go to hospitals to be hospitalized or buy medications watching their own people dying, retired or not, powerless to help them, if they or their own people lose their jobs remaining unemployed and hungry and if they are waking up in the mornings with no vision and hope for the future, remaining with their unresolved problems waiting for the worst, and finally not having anything else to lose because you took them all, fools, what would it be that could prevent them thinking to do any harm to the others in order to save their children and vindicate their lives?

     If after all this, slaughterers and genocide of the 21st century, you cannot as leaders understand your monstrous acts and massive crimes that you commit, where will lead even the peaceful people of the earth and still act as executive bodies of 62 suzerain, humanoid over 7 trillion people on the planet (read previous article), then there is no future for any people!

     However, the injustice is that along with many will also pay some people who are not to blame, but that does not always happen?
     I do not know if something could change, however, this article retaining our any hopes, will travel to all ends of the earth!

V. Anagnostou (GREECE)

Author of the book "21st CENTURY - The Schism of the peoples and the modern Renaissance!"

PS. This article was sent to the media of all EU countries and USA. It was also sent to their respective governments, institutions and personal to the Heads of these States!



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