Mr. president, what is really happening with the IMF? Allow me please, as the moments are globally very dangerous and critical- something you know better than anyone -, to mention a thorny and important issue concerning our countries and that is capable of destroying the transnational relations among us, something I'm sure you would not want ever to happen, as the same also applies from the side of the Greeks.

     However, if you also agree with the last, please ask yourself how can this not happen when you let the managers and representatives of the IMF, Lagarde and Thomsen, to run these inhuman, monstrous and colonial policies against allies like Greece!
     While they should already be expelled from the Fund paying for the failure of the memorandums and the destruction of our country, instead of that, you upgraded their work.  How is this possible!
     It is not only obvious that they do not consider you, acting as sovereigns, but also keep exposing you internationally, causing to states and peoples even abhorrence for your country with their unacceptable criminal machinations and perverse acts!

     Mr. President, do you realize the extent of the disaster that our country has suffered of this reckless and wrong policy you are now following with the IMF towards Greece?
     Honestly believe that we are all surprised as Greeks how is it possible when all these happen, and you, as president of the USA not to react!

     The majority of Greek people are now hungry, the professionals are destroyed and our state ,every moment that passes, is dissolved by these vicious and paranoid memorandums.
     Memorandums, that you have already accepted your responsibilities that they were wrong and destructive for our country, however you continue the death game for us, blackmailing and leading our people - even these days – to the following Memorandum, requiring of us to accept new series of destruction measures of a direct poverty and final and irrevocable slavery!


     Mr. President, it  is not possible for the Greek people to accept the above, as also you because of your status to be a simple observer of the developments, as any decisions of the IMF affect our country and your foreign policy defining global developments!
     Greece was always your ally and now you push to the edge 10 million Greeks and not only them, but a whole nation divided at all latitudes and longitudes of the earth, mutating us from your friends to your country's enemies.
      Stop at last those who set to destroy the relations between our countries and by your intervention, give a solution to the problem of Greece.
      After the Greeks you are the first who declared that the debt of Greece should be deleted and you constantly supporting it. At last, not only words, find the way and the strength to make it happen!


     Delete our debt in order Europe can follow!

      Do the same as you did with Germany in 1953. You did it to those who killed your fathers, mothers and children of your our own and our people, to those who wiped out families and executed millions of innocent citizens and you do not do it to the Greeks who fought at your side painting their land with blood? To people who generously and selflessly gave you the knowledge, culture and the institution of the Republic, opening your horizons, so today to become the greatest power of the earth and you the President of the World.

      What else do you ask from the Greeks, the only thing that you haven’t taken from them is their soul!

      Mr. President, the Greek people has supported especially you, in a body, from the first moment at any point of the earth they were. Maybe it's time due to the completion of your term to “render unto Caesar the things that are Caesar’s '', and be recorded in the world history as the impartial president of the U.S.A. who linked his name with an historic act of moral and bravery to people who really deserved it and not to people who killed innocents and connected even its contemporary history with incredibly and unmentionable crimes against humanity.

     So make the right move and honor these people that illuminated minds and societies, helping nations and peoples to be developed at all ends of the earth!

     The decision is yours! But never forget that history always records the capable and those who dare!


Yours sincerely,


Vasilis Anagnostou (GREECE)


Author of the book "21st CENTURY - The Schism of the peoples and the modern Renaissance!"


PS. This letter was translated and personally sent to the president of the USA.

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