You did nothing for Greece! If you do not stop them then who will? Eventually, you are our friends and allies or enemies of our country?

     The EU institutions, seeing the drama of our country, at least try to do something, even if it is not what the Greek people want. Is it  possible your people to stand for another time as an obstacle and ask for worse measures for our people, when we now live under such miserable conditions having simultaneously to face the problem of all Europe and not only, because it concerns you too, as many of the EU incoming will be found to your own country too. Is that what you want?

     Although we read that your MOF, Mr. Lew, has intervened to Mrs. Lagarde and Mr. Thomsen, in order to speed up procedures and help to close the evaluation, they found the way not to ever happen!

     Where do these ''people'' live? Don’t they see what is happening in Greece?

     It is so obvious and extremely provocative what they do, as there is no longer any doubt that they are representatives and executives of the Hedge Funds, of this veiled modern economic mafia, of this criminal caste of' "human beings" who intervene and plunder the people, without the fools thinking that the moment that will lose everything is approaching, because peoples do not withstand anymore. They should finally open up their eyes to see what happens around them, in order to be saved!

     However, you Mr. President, what do you do about it, why are you exposed multiply and how do you allow the above to  act as common implements exposing internationally your country, destroying centuries relations with allies like Greece!

     Finally, except all these, we see at the same time your tacit support once again to the Skopje, even to Turkey and not only to them!
     Mr. President, you must understand that your allies, the Greeks, this period deserve your full support. If you don’t do it now, when will you do it and how will you prove that you will remain our allies? The behavior of U.S.A towards our country shows relations of a hostile country and no alliance, is that what you want and aspire to lead the relations of our people?

     I want to believe not, but the people of my country are convinced of the opposite, because our treatment from IMF. combined with your external policy, leads us directly to the above conclusion!

     I hope and we hope as people to be proved that we are wrong. But time is running out!!!

Yours sincerely,


Vasilis Anagnostou (GREECE)


Author of the book "21st CENTURY - The Schism of the peoples and the modern Renaissance!"


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