Shame Mr. Tusk for your statements, as you offended irreparably the institution you represent, as also your second property, of human! Ask yourself whether you should stay in your position or resign to keep even part of any dignity.

     Gentlemen, you who decide for what is happening, if at such a high level of institutions occur such mistakes and acts that catalyze the meaning of Law and all the human principles and values ​​of Democracy, replacing it with acts that demonstrate totalitarian regimes of deciding as having the power and  the luck of others, especially of weak and helpless allies who cannot react before the volume, the strength and power of somebody, then alas, because that alone leads us to other times, those of the preceding centuries even millenniums, when the regime of "barbarian and powerful" was applicable.

     Mr Tusk, these behaviors not only do not honor politicians and people representing hundreds of millions of citizens, but they also have huge social risks, as they could be nurtured generations and entire peoples changing their principles and ideals, because strong emotions as injustice, indignation and anger, are capable by themselves to change people and societies, something that we already see happening throughout the earth and unfortunately we all are experiencing all these years, others fairly and others unjustly!

     You should have known this, gentlemen, as reasonable politicians and leaders, in order to protect your people and nations.
     However, it is something you have not done, so take your responsibility and see in what alert level is now the world community, because as it seems we are on the edge of 2nd W.W. Gentlemen, be sure that it is not  project of weak ,but of strong and sovereign states!

     But let’s attribute "render unto Caesar the things that are Caesar's" about the refugee issue and thank Mrs. Merkel for her last attitude to our country, which admittedly has been surprised many people.
     It would be impossible to forget that the Chancellor and Germany has harmed Greece very much, together with the unspeakable MOF Mr. Schaeuble, as she is the main responsible for our suffering, while in no way exempting for her behavior until today and  her latest intentions that were not even been denatured into acts.

     Moreover what the Greek people await is one, the deletion of their debt, everything else is words and political expediency.

     Greece was destroyed so as 4-5 powerful countries, including Germany to safeguard their money. This is now known and accepted by the global community and is not disputed.
     What the responsible have to do is to restore the crime against Greece, they know it. They cannot avoid their responsibilities and blind eye, because our country because of the destruction they caused with their fetid policies and actions before and after the memoranda, will never be able to pay off its loans and of course the Greek people will not accept the misery that are imposed, nor of course to lose their properties, living as a pariah under rule, something that our creditors and partners believe that will happen.

     They should all forget about it and try to settle their perpetual debt to Greece, this country that enlightened their minds and homelands.

     Finally, to conclude, this impasse, gentlemen, will lead nowhere and if you do not erase completely the debt of our country as Germany’s, all of this will not have a happy ending for anyone!

With appreciation and respect to all the Democrats citizens and peoples of the earth!


Vasilis Anagnostou (GREECE)


Author of the book "21st CENTURY - The Schism of the peoples and the modern Renaissance!"

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