Patriots and you, our all others European brothers, this is not the EU that they promised us, this is the Europe of shame!

     Democracy and rule of law only ostensibly, in all other jungle and the law of the fittest!
     Unfortunately this is Europe today and anyone who fails to comply within its borders, paying the price, even though it is about existential issues concerning entire peoples!

     My dear, forget the EU! The EU that all peoples of Europe would like no longer exists and never will be!

     THE GERMANS MADE IT! They finally found a way after two unsuccessful attempts to achieve their goals, to conquer the old continent, turning it to fiefdom and their colony!
     I'm tired of all these years writing what is going to happen in Europe and what should have done in order not to get into this tragic current situation.
     An unacceptable situation that does not honor any European citizen, except the Germans, who each passing day strengthen the foundations of their domination at the expense of all other partners.


     Unfortunately, we are now talking about a Europe in absolute possession of the new Fascist and neo-Nazi Germany!
     However, one may ask how it is possible at least the peoples of Europe to forget what happened just before 70 years!!!
     What a shame for all of us who step the bloodstained lands, those that our own people painted with their blood, for us to be free today!

     And of course the next question is what our supposed leaders will do. So let's try to decode the problems and the current EU image after and BREXIT, because there are these following scenarios:
     The first of them and the most optimistic is, those who dominate the people behind our governments and decide for the lives of 500 million people, to think about the rejection of the economic and geostrategic policy, to change minds and route, to bend over the people, to think and eventually act as people and not as killers against the weak!

     The second and most prevalent is, to pretend that they did not understand the reasons for sovereign and great people wanting secession from the EU, to close their eyes to the rise of Europe's separatist movements and want to give other interpretation, those that serve their interests and any personal ambitions to eventually lead the EU to its dissolution!

     The third scenario is, the people to take the reins in their hands, to change as soon as they can their governments, to isolate Germany in the way described in our stable articles, safeguarding EU and its peoples!

     However, taking into consideration the attitude until today of the higher percentage of European citizens, allow me to believe that unfortunately will happen the second one!
     If the third scenario happens will be the biggest surprise of the century!

     Greatly troubled and pessimistic about the future of EU and its peoples!

     With appreciation and respect for all intelligent people of Europe, appealing to wake up early and proceed to the execution of that third scenario!


Vasilis Anagnostou (GREECE)


Author of the book "21st CENTURY - The Schism of the peoples and the modern Renaissance!"


PS. I think that in these conditions it is necessary to refer to the philosophy of the law of Murphy: "Cheer up, because tomorrow will be worse"! Unless all changed. We shall see!

This article was translated and sent selectively to the media of all EU countries and USA.  It was also sent to their respective governments and to all the European institutions!


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