My friends and not, may all the gods pity us and with us, pity Europe and the rest world!


     Read the latest article by Spiegel and think as global citizens even for one time beyond nationalisms, economic interests, parties and ideologies, what is going to happen in Europe and as citizens wonder if we should allow this to happen!

     And you European leaders finally get out of your shell and protect your people. Get along with the other powerful of the earth and remember all the tragic results of 2nd W.W.!


     Schauble is here and is the no. 1 danger of Europe!
     Yes, this mentally ill, fascist and neo-Nazi visionary of 4th Reich, will be tomorrow the new leader of Germany and the EU suzerain!
      Please look at Spiegel: "Schauble today is strong than ever and ready to succeed Merkel as he could be anointed No. 1 and new leader of Germany! However, he will wait for the right moment, because he could never by any possible mistake to imagine his life without the position which ensures him the top economic power over his country and especially the EU"!

     And he continues: "It’s not enough for him only to define the economic policy of his country and Europe, but he believes that his skills are now more extended, so he PREPARES FOR THE CHANCELLERY and he is mixed with all issues, such as the refugee, the policy in Africa, even with the reform of the secret services of his country "!
      Spiegel writes the above, namely the accredited snitches of chancellery, so this is what is going to happen!

     Peoples of Europe and all you other peoples, wake up even now, before humanity lives moments really unspeakable, that no one man on earth, would not even want to think!
     Please see our following two selected articles and do with conscience, but remember, our time is running out!



Vassilis Anagnostou (GREECE)

Author of the book "21st CENTURY - The Schism of the people and the modern Renaissance!" Livani Publications, January 2014


This article will be translated into English and sent to the media of all EU countries and the US. Also it will be sent to the respective governments, institutions and personally to the leaders of these states!

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