Mr. President, honestly believe that not just me but all the Greek people are not pleased about what happened in your country! We all realize that is not the best of what could happen eve of your visit!

     However, this is something that cannot be changed, so let us focus on some issues that out of necessity have to mention anyway, although that the data changed radically for the worse for both sides.

     It is clear to all now that, as long as Ms. Clinton lost the election and will not succeed you continuing your work, your position at the moment and your negotiation on the issues of your country's foreign policy is natural that has been weakened, but any mistakes on your term, unfortunately, still remain affecting our everyday life, putting at great risk our country, the EU as well as your own country!

     Mr. President, during the entire time of your term, unfortunately for your global community and posterity, giving the room in Germany to become enormous and the suzerain of the EU, opening the road to lead again Europe and the rest of the world, to a new tragedy that this time only as Armageddon could be described!
     Your tolerance and your general attitude as a country towards Turkey, undermines not only peace in the Balkans, but also creates prospects for a global conflict!

     How can you not see what he has done until today and where he is going with it this arrogant, ridiculous and insane dictator of Turkey, that threatens everyone, USA, Russia, Europe and Asia and reminds Hitler in his worst, declaring ready to start its claims from the Balkans, Cyprus and the eastern neighbors leading the planet into a new bloodshed that under current conditions, the people never seen before!

     The bet now is not whether we will be driven to the 3rd W.W., but from where it he will start, Germans or Turks!

     And unfortunately you as mere spectators watch the developments and their empowerment at all levels, leaving them raving losers in their intolerance and nationalism!

     How can you not see where the global community will be driven with all that happen and how it is also possible you that you have the power to stop this carnage not doing it?
     Everything must be sacrificed on the altar of interests or do you believe that you will avoid the consequences as people and country?

     We do not know now if now you can offer something in Europe and the world community as you are at the end of your political career, however, try in any way to stop at least these two States, leaving behind a project, now that you're not blameless of those that will happen!!!

      Finally, we do not believe that you want to go down in history of Greece, as the USA leader that in his presidency with his handling ruined our country, a country that is the cradle of world civilization and offered you so much so you can enjoy today worldwide recognition and paramountcy!

     With due respect, believing that even now you will fulfill your duty towards our people and country!

V. Anagnostou (GREECE)

Author of the book "21st CENTURY - The Schism of the people and the modern Renaissance!"

PS. Mr. President, maybe you should make another stop in Turkey?

This article was translated and sent selectively to the media of all EU countries and the USA. It was also be sent to their respective governments and to all the European institutions!

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