Unfortunately, the unrepentant and unhappy about his personal main drama, did not change minds and whenever opens his mouth he drips poison, not only for our own country! Just before yesterday France demanded in diplomatic level to seek public apology from the French people to some of his references, while anybody perceives after this, what should be the size of apology of that ''human'' to our people!

    However, you generally as a group, do not tell us very clear! Perhaps it is needed this time, even the last minute, to revise your point of view, because with this colonial attitude towards our people, you have not understood till now, that you will not achieve anything!
    What you say, what you think, what you do and eventually your whole behavior approaches to other people, not the Greeks!!!

    If you have believed that Greece will be your next colony and your paradise on earth (in relation to the second could be perhaps, but with prices Monte Carlo and not by confiscating our property), you make a huge mistake, and it would be maximum unrealistic to believe that you will achieve your goals following your todat tactic.

    Maybe you need to travel back in time, to remember our origin and our history. This will obviously help you to make your self-criticism and additionally to appreciate the offer of our Nation towards your peoples, realizing the size of your ingratitude towards our people, something that could possibly change your views and your tactics!

    And of course because time is running out for everyone and you are at fault, you who have destroyed our country devouring its innards with thousands lawless and insidious means that it would take a whole book to be mentioned, before you throw us over the cliff, something which seems about to do, think again, because along with us you will pay your price, that it may be much larger than what you have calculated at the economic level, geopolitical but also in imminent danger level that you may encounter during this period and in the future as countries of a second line of defense behind our borders!

   This isn’t certainly a threat. It will be the natural economic weakness that our country will find itself, unable to face its serious problems, like the psychology of our people when they consider you responsible for the the harm that you did. Isn’t it humane and reasonable?

   Do you beleive that after all those that we will have been safered as a people by our partners, namely our total destruction and humiliation, it is possible for the citizens of our country to preface themselves in the whirlwind of migrants and refugees, as opposed to the ambitious performers jihadists and other criminals, preserving Europe of their passing through this to the other countries of the earth? That you want us to become is your stronghold defending as defenders of the southernmost and most dangerous edge of our continent when you have behaved to our people as they were the last slaves in the world!
      But even if we wanted to forget all these, with what money we would face this horde, when each day 500-1000 people pass our borders and our people is in absolute misery unable to sustain itself? I am sorry but unfortunately you seem not realizing even the obvious.
   Whenever you blackmail us, if you believe that in order we move to the opposite shore by boat, we should sign the unconditional surrender, the loss of our freedom and the denigration of our Nation, obviously you attend to the wrong people because we will choose to stick to our principles and to our values!
    Gentlemen stop offending our intelligence and our national pride, mocking and blackmailing our people, lacerate our dignity! We hope you promptly understand the problems created in Europe and beyond it, because time have changed and the defenses of the  most powerful people have weakened in front of madness and despair of the weak, who were found to be sucked of the colonizers, leading them each time either in wars and death or in poverty and misery!

Finally look around you to see what is happening because in a very short time no one will be sleeping, not even you, who live beyond your iron-clad doors!!!

With respect to all the proud, free and democratic nations of the earth!

Anagnostou Vasilis

 PS  This article outside the selective mission within the borders of our country, is translated sent selectively as extremely urgent, to the media of all EU countries and USA. It is sent to their respective governments and personally to the leaders of those countries, aiming to realize timely everyone involved, any responsibility and consequences there could be, in a possible final negative development!!!

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