I do not know if in this phase we should mention and other players, such as the overall leader, arranger and mentor of the team. But let's keep for a few days low profile, to see if some that rule Europe change their policy!

     Shortly bold and ambitious course to believe in something like this, but anyway the end of this story is not far away.
     Of course the sitting raging and foaming bull continues to annul any time Angela, as it did after the last meeting with Tsipras ( that became a habit now), removing the substance from the Chancellor apparently looking forward to something else, but this is something that concerns the relations between them. What interests us is to stop attacking and mocking their counterparts not respecting them and their people, as it is done in the foulest way on a permanent basis in the case of Greece!

     It's so bad, disrespectful, unacceptable, unfriendly and extreme behavior, which is not possible in 2015 that Nazi anthropomorphic thing to lead bonds and decide on the fate of all the people of Europe. The influence is so big that managed to do like him a lot and between them the Dijsselbloem and Draghi, who escaped and those of their boundaries by becoming pawns in the hands and lower than the circumstances!
     I hope they understand even now what makes the mentor and tutor to them, because they will soon come together as scapegoats. Moreover they should control their minds because they should start to count their victims of their actions, as they lead millions of Greeks to despair and some of them up to death!
     And of course Mr. Schaeuble has no problem with that, but them?

     And anyway, it is possible that a miserable because of his problem, evil, hateful and half human to cancel, castrates and guide politicians who want to lead the EU.;
     I have repeatedly mentioned for him in my articles for the reasons that he should have been already expelled from this place, but unfortunately it is still there to satisfy apparently sick psyche and serve the illegitimate interests of the powerful, those who want check through the policies the global economy and the people!

     Is it possible a nation of people developed with the offer of Greece for all the nations of the world and one of the founding states of the EU  to accept today these extortions and jeering, experiencing for 6 consecutive years this humanitarian crisis and if objectively judging, no one could not accept that, primarily responsible in their choices is the partners themselves and those who they led to the disaster?
     But the most serious is happening throughout this story and the EU It is that now ethic issues are arising while questioning the persons who represent and decide on issues by resulting  to energize its future, because if individuals are challenged as to their intentions and moreover in their decisions,  the existence of  EU is canceled. And 'certainly if we judge by the behavior until today of the above, the future of the institution goes to the end!!!

      There is solidarity among people, ideals, all human values ​​and principles are catalyzed, the strong prevailed and repealed the Republic! It is not possible by people who decide the destinies of people to see behaviors of immature children with derision, battle, and vindictive statements on personal level which ultimately lead to despicable decisions condemning the lives and the future of an entire nation!
     Anyone who cannot rise to the circumstances must be removed.
These three should understand that if Greece finally found outside the Euro zone will be recorded in history as neo modern successors of culture and of their aim, representatives and executors of an organized plan to subdue once again the Greeks, a nation that taught everything to become who they are today!
     It is the crime of committing against an entire nation and that will follow them forever and their descendants, as it will be recorded in the world history with the darkest letters!!!

     Finally, to understand the above people and the others around them what solidarity between nations and people is and even between strangers to each other and not partners and collaborators , we will remind them the daily altruism of the Greeks to fall into the sea, risking their lives to save refugees and illegal immigrants and then they earn their living to feed and clothe them, running to the shops to be charged with paying installments of the meager pensions and wages, not to leave them naked and hungry.
     All this of course is everyday human stories about the Greeks that other people want to blame and their leaders to condemn.

     Let us therefore consider in relation to the overall conduct of what they do, who we are and what we offer. Also what they where and what they are today and what they would be without the Greeks, how much they owe them for what they gave them with no corresponding price. To all this they add the question whether there can be EE without Greece. The reasons why this can not happen are many and for those who ignore them there is previous article to read!

     And as the last sentence please allow me to say that the world won’t become better with those kind of people. If we want to live in a better world, us, our children and even the children of our children, they must be aphorism from the global system and we must try more!

With respect to all the proud, free and democratic peoples throughout the world!

Vasilis Anagnostou

 Author of the book "21st CENTURY - The Schism of the peoples and the modern Renaissance!" Versions Livani, January 2014


PS. This article outside the selective mission within the borders of our country, has been translated and selectively sent to the media all EU countries and US Also sent to and from their respective governments, institutions and personally to the leaders of those countries, aiming to realize promptly all involved, whatever their responsibilities and consequences there could be, after a possible Grexit!


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