Where are philhellenes Americans and President Obama who has been so much supported from our expatriates but also from the Greeks that live in Greece, always showing their appreciation throughout the hitherto political route?
     Ok Mr. President, we understand what politics are and any difficulties you have to encounter those who are posed to you. But unfortunately, you forgοt all that has won the America and your people by the Greeks and especially the same colored people with you, who live today free enjoying life and equal to each other (as they should of course ), through the offering of our country through the use of our constitution, the Republic of the Greeks, an institution that with the principles and values ​​inspired your great  leader  A. Lincoln, to decide for your freedom by even offering his life for you in order to gain the right today to become the President of the USA!

      Please allow us, as Greeks to believe that you owe a lot to him and to our country and that we should perhaps been honored by you by giving even personal battles, helping us during this difficult time!

     Of course in the area of politics it would be foolish for someone to wonder about anything happening, but let us as people to have the query together with an indignation by all citizens of our country, for the indifference shown by the USA against us, until now the last time that everything is judged for us, even our stay in the West after the brutal and paranoid policies of our partners and lenders,which frankly believe we would not want to happen, unless if this is leaded from the institutions themselves and under your tolerance to it, with their silly and extreme behavior! 

     We know if not all, many, of them are plays out in the background of the negotiations which resulted in selfish decisions ultimately leading our country in the current deadlocks and destruction and, of course, would be at least unrealistic to refer to them as it is clear that we are addressing to the man who knows everything about them because of his status!

     However Mr. President our request is along with your any decision to recommend the IMF responsible, TO CEASE TO CHALLENGE THE INTELLIGENCE OF GREEK PEOPLE!

     At the same time to remember who we are, the road we have traveled and what we have offered to humanity!

     After all this you may not need to refer to anything else, because they were intended for intelligent people, if they leave behind intolerant thoughts, emotions and selfish interests that are incompatible with human values ​​and principles and follow common sense, they will find what they have to do! 

     Otherwise what will happen will be recorded with the darkest letters in world history and follow everyone involved forever. Whether they belong to those who are in the front line or to others who pull the strings behind them, as the story captures everything and particularly the global crimes against people!!!

     Forgive the style of my letter but in such moments please consider whether it could be different!
 With all my respect

A simple and humble Greek citizen, claiming the obvious! The appropriate respect to his country, for what it has been offered to all the other people of the earth!

Vasilis Anagnostou


Author of the book "21st CENTURY - The Schism of the peoples and the modern Renaissance!" Versions Livani, January 2014

PS. Mr. President, in a few weeks will release his book M. Ignatius known journalist in your country, entitled "Troika: The road to ruin! The ''rescue'' of Greece and the responsibilities of all, through documents of IMF and the Americans and European Commission”.  Who knows, maybe it will be proved interesting for everyone, even for you.


This letter was translated and sent to the President of the USA as well as where we always send our translated texts.

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