So much nonsense and irresponsibility? How the states’ leaders can not see what will happen? Obviously the answer is that those who govern the people (and I do not mean the governments), they do not want to let governments to emerge, even if they have to divide or even to sacrifice the E.U!

     Ιt is most natural and reasonable to believe, that after the latest developments, has already launched the process, by having first victim Greece!
     However the people and especially of Southeastern Europe is obviously still not convinced what will happen in the near future, considering that they will stay in the E.U as equal members and not as a rogue on them, as the central and northern peoples want. And somewhere here of course comes the hard part for the future of Europe and the global economy because incalculable destructive geopolitical developments will follow!

     Unfortunately there are no more mature and honest politicians on the Old Continent to proceed to the completion of the great vision of a United Europe, because either they are inadequate as persons or they are mouthpieces of the influential people who represent their stinking interests. At the same time the folks are staying inactive, ensconced in their sloppy everyday life, closed in their National shell, making the ostrich and  removing any thoughts of solidarity between people even though they take part in a Union of States that one of their sovereign obligations, if not the first, it is the solidarity between the partners!

     After that how can one accept that the next day there will still be E.U. I am sorry but the vision of a strong and united Europe will never become a reality because the worst is ahead of us and folks do not seem to understand what will happen and where their governments lead them, in order to react.

     The time unfortunately ends and developments seem to be non-reversible. Let though the today’s '' leaders'' to remember that the next to feel  happy will not be the same not even other representatives of democratic associations, but will be the ones who fought for the republics of all people through the centuries in order  never found in power those people!

     I do not know if, even at the last moment, our lenders may realize the terrifying dangers that will face from the departure of Greece and its shift to other great powers and if they will give solution to the problem of our country by finally accepting our positions. Final positions and non-negotiable farther, as any other concession will destroy us completely as economy and will place us among the Third World countries by making us their hostages and their colony!!!
     I hope the above to realize on time that does not deserve to sacrifice so much for so little that our people need, even if they should delete at once all our debt. If they do not understand it, they will feel in their skin in the near future!

      However, in any way this story will close, the assay will remain, the mockery and the ruthless blackmail that we have suffered as a country of our allies who did not hesitate to eventually lead us to the bottom and the destruction, after their six-year dominance and their wrong choices and with their unacceptable behavior, which is despicable and vindictive beyond a logic boundary especially between friends and partner states!

     Finally, all these implacable friends and partners of ours, must look to find some forgotten for them values ​​by using phrases such as “solidarity between people” and “selfless support to our fellowmen”, as this will probably confirm their dehumanized!
     And for those who do not agree with these principles, let them and their children to be ready to live in terror and then no one of us will be entitled to wonder why the global society was transformed into a jungle!!!

Vasilis Anagnostou


Author of the book "21st CENTURY - The Schism of the peoples and the modern Renaissance!" Versions Livani, January 2014

PS . This article has been sent to the media of all EU countries and USA. It also will be sent to their respective governments, institutions and personally to the Heads of these States, aiming to make them realize on time where they lead our country and their own countries, too!

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