Ex lovely Mr. President, you have forgotten your origin and you have sold out your ideals. Now that you have fully prepared with the line of Mrs. Merkel and the IMF you all get ready to watch the flight of the butterfly!

     Nevertheless all Greeks are wondering if you are our allies and partners, who our enemies are and what bigger harm they could have made us.
     Unfortunately you have Get over all the borders! Sorry, but you have not yet understood that with our own graves you should begin to dig for yourself your own mass graves for your citizens.
     When you will finally open your eyes to see and face the problems of the people to escape from the worst that follow and safeguard your folks? Don’t you see the expansion and strengthening of the Islamic State and what it is that unites them by transforming them into hideous executioners and terrorists?

     How is it possible not to realize that you will find yourself facing the anger of poor young men, oppressed and wronged people?
     Gentlemen, you must change your tactics and reach people by helping them and solving their problems, firstly for humanitarian reasons and secondly to preserve yourselves and your citizens. You need Greece for many reasons, especially at this time, and Greece needs you too.

     At last, however, tell us what you require from our country, as it seems like you have forgotten to whom you are directing and how you got as a country where you are today!

     Do you think we will accept to sign as people our complete bankruptcy and destruction of our country in order not to hurt your ego, by sacrifice our freedom and our last hope to recover as a state? Is that what our history has taught you?
     Furthermore it is possible to challenge Greece as your new colony?
     You are trying to convince us that you are going to save our country and our people. Please don’t offend our intelligence. It is supposed that you are serious and intelligent persons. If you can’t finally respect us respect yourself and any attribute you have even now!

     You have dissolved our country, the health and welfare systems and managed the least, now not to have bandages in hospitals, with patients dying in the hallways like animals. You have made us world champions in unemployment, you have cut off in the half the salaries and pensions and you have ruined our economy by closing hundreds of thousands of businesses. Finally methodically and with the most artistic and criminal way you made us hostages of banks, which through them and also  through the red loans you are trying to achieve your goals, taking the fortunes of all Greeks turning them to homeless or in your waiters and gardeners in their own houses!

     And of course because all this reminds us of another nightmarish season for people, the period prior to the First Presidency of A. Lincoln, that the Greek people can not accept, it is necessary for me to express the true feelings of all Greeks with a comment and a request!

     Gentlemen, you do not want allies you want slaves, but these times have passed even for the third world countries.
     So treat honest even at the last moment. Resign from the dishonest, selfish and unethical goals, besides you have a duty to make towards our country, if you want to treat us as allies and people, especially to a nation you have to respect, for at least for what Greece have offered you!
     Otherwise we do not need to be together! For those who seek for the worst for our country stay the hell away from our Greece and leave us alone to pull our way whoever it may be, even if it drives us away from the West, in another hemisphere or to hell!!!


In the name of all Greeks…demanding for the respect of  the SANCTUARY polity of -our- Democracy, our History and our Nation!!!


Vasilis Anagnostou – GREECE


Author of the book "21st CENTURY - The Schism of the peoples and the modern Renaissance!" Versions Livani, January 2014


P.S: This article was sent to the media of all E.U countries and the U.S.A. It will also be sent to their respective governments, institutions and personal to the Heads of these Members!!!



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