You have not yet understood that you are dealing with proud people who finally lost their patience with you and will never accept to bow to your threats, your shameful blackmail and your mafia machinations!

     When will you finally cease to operate as a startup graphic criminal group of disoriented politicians?
     Perhaps, even this last moment, you should redefine your objectives and your tactics to prevent the undesirable for everyone.

     Gentlemen and you two, three ladies that you forgot your nature selling out your consciences for the ambitious selfish, grudge and inhuman plans, don’t you see what you did to the Greeks?  How is it possible not to realize what your foolish obsessions will cause and what your people will suffer from the economic and mainly geopolitical developments that will occur and be enormous over the next few years? Do you realize what will happen when you lose Greece as an ally from the southern edge of Europe?

     In any case, because we will not allow ourselves to become graphic repeating the same, as we have already mentioned everything, what we can tell you at this stage and I guess that because of developments will probably be our last exhortation,  is that you will have to think even once as intelligent responsible politicians, seizing the opportunity to adopt  our already withdrawal end positions, taking advantage of the tolerance  of our people, to save as you owe your savings and especially your peoples!!!

     If you do not, you will register as persons and politicians in world history with the most black letters, as the consequences of your actions will bring misery and death to your people (something that has already started to happen) and it is sure that sometime you will be asked to apologize for your crimes!

     Finally, do not try to convince anyone that the responsibility for what will happen will effect negatively  the Greeks, because what you  attempt is called “rape intelligence” of every intelligent citizen, as what  the Greeks had to give you, you  got it by your dirty machination, bringing them misery and disaster!

     What you haven’t gotten yet is the air they breathe and their Freedom and these will never be given to you!!!


In the name of all Greeks, with respectful towards all Democratic and Free people!


Vasilis Anagnostou (GREECE)


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