With Schauble there will not exist an agreement, as also there will not be E.U in the future! Send him where his natural position is, to meet his great mentor Adolf and let him feed himself with the blood of zombies and not the alive!

     However you, our duplicity allies and implacable friends and partners, if you really want Greece in the EU, it's time to stop the mockery and prove it in practice. Cease your dirty games and your permanent blackmail and accept our proposals as adults, because the time is not only ending for us, it’s over for you too, you just haven’t noticed yet!
     When you understand it, unfortunately it will be too late for everyone!

     Dear partners and lenders, <that your impeccable behavior and your solidarity has amazed us as people>, you must believe that we are now ready for the big exit. We do not know if you and your peoples are ready to pay the price of our exit, however deliberate with yourself and your neighboring friends, look calmly and with political maturity (if any of you have it), mostly the geopolitical primarily and secondarily the economics costs and finally take your decisions, and perhaps you will save your peoples!
     We have now consolidate as people, that with Schauble - Lagarde and the their implementing, contemptible minions, Daiselbloom and Thomsen, all these failed people that count days to be expelled and with some other leaders of states and representatives of institutions that they worship the Germans, it is not possible to participate anymore in a E.U that it is exactly the opposite of what its founders had envisioned.
     Mrs. Merkel, enjoying her domination over Europe, having already established to shame of her homologous of the 4th REICH, believes that she can mocks and takes revenge at will of the peoples, as she does right now with our government and our peoples and she dared to oppose the logic and the Democracy with the principles and values, towards the stench neo-Nazi and Fascist plans!

     What happens is indeed unbelievable, as it is terribly difficult to accept, how it is possible the leaders and peoples of Europe to accept living under this regime of absolute domination of the Germans. Is it possible to forget their 60.000.000 victims and at the same time not to see where they lead their peoples?

     Mrs. Merkel, if you and any other of your people want colony and slaves, turn your dirty heads to Africa, looking its hapless and unfortunately helpless peoples. This unacceptable, extreme, offensive and aggressive policy toward our people, only hostile could be described. But you forget our history!

     This is Greece!!! So take your dirty hands and eyes from us and keep your shame as a European trophy, to be proud to your descendants, feeling pridefulness for the “gold and glorious” pages of your modern history!

     Finally, to remember the origin and individuality of your people, as also what the Greeks have offered you, I would recommend you to read some of our articles. Who knows, perhaps there you will discover some values ​​that could bring your Human nature back!
     You must not also forget that peoples are not lost and the history records everything!!!

Always with respect to those who deserve it and not to whom they demand it!


Vasilis Anagnostou (GREECE)


Author of the book "21st CENTURY - The Schism of the peoples and the modern Renaissance!" Versions Livani, January 2014



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