What Matteo Renzi told the leaders of the other member states of the European Union, proving his mediterranean temperament and not only, because at the same time, he proved that he has... guts!
<Sirs, if you do not agree with the number of 40,000 immigrants, you are not worthy to call yourselves Europeans. If this is your opinion for what Europe is, you may keep it. Is there solidarity? Otherwise do not waste our time?>

     Matteo, well done, you told them well, but too late! Certainly this is not a EU, that’s what we shout so many years, but you remembered it as a country, now that also hurts your .....!    
     You ask for solidarity and understanding from the Europeans forgetting that you also do not care until today for Greece, a neighboring and friendly country with which connects you more than separate you.
     I hope at least now to understand what awaits you, as Armageddon that comes to sweep Europe, will bring the garb of the SS of the 4th Reich and let this lead your thoughts to the 2nd World War events, that will seem like jokes compared with what will happen!

     Dear Matteo, I am sorry for the intimacy and my next comment, but I think although you did great job, you did the half of it, as if had stood up that moment and as a last sentence you had said, '' Alexis let’s go '' and you had abandoned the room, heading to the airport, at that time you would have rescued the EU and its peoples!
     Germany would have taken its course entering the margin and its almighty would have finished, because, as they would be running behind you, everybody would have known that if they hadn’t accepted your requests, the EU would have not been existed without Italy and Greece the
next day!

     This had to happen, but it is never too late! DO IT TODAY!!!

With respect,

Vasilis Anagnostou (GREECE)


Author of the book "21st CENTURY - The Schism of the peoples and the modern Renaissance!" Versions Livani, January 2014

PS. Remember that if indeed you proceed in the above action, you will pass in world history as a leader who managed to stop a destructive economic war, with global consequences saving the EU and its peoples !!!


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