At last, make your own move too, by dismissing Mr. Schaeuble, and at the same time distance yourselves from all those who undermine the agreement, leading to a new Waterloo, the EU and its peoples!!!!
      Then close yourselves into a room with those that is needed and start with the debt of our country. Do not even think of going out  of there, unless you reach an agreement to everything.

     At the same time, I appeal to you personally and to all other EU leaders to save Europe and its peoples, because it is something that you owe to 300.000.000 citizens!

     As Romano Prodi said “do not let Greece become the new Sarajevo of Europe”.

     But let me add too, what as a politician he had not got the power to say, "in order not to see again the “Judgment at Nuremberg" to be repeated!!!!!!

With supreme agony for the future developments.


B. Anagnostou (GREECE)


A citizen of Europe who does not want  to see his children and grandchildren to live these situations. Those peoples have several problems, they do not need to experience the dramas of the past!

And for the history, it is up to you to refute the Cassandras!

PS. This article will be sent to the media of all EU countries and the USA. Also it will be sent to their respective governments, institutions and personal to the Heads of these states!


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