It is not only what he said in favor of Greece, defending at the same time the EU, but also that was finally found a politician in Europe, to stand up and answer to the Germans with those that all the other timid and inadequate leaders  should have said!!!

     Obviously, he belongs to this caste of new politicians in Europe, those few who still believe in the completion of the vision of a large and strong EU.

     I am sure that his next policy intervention will be even more dynamic and opposite the policies of the Germans, so it will be good for the future of Europe, all the remaining, at all levels Europeans, to support him, creating a single united front, in order to come up against their stench, expansive and hegemonic plans.

     Even if it is very early and risky, allow me to say that this politician has already put candidacy to lead Europe. I hope for the good of France and EU to have the direct support of his people, because after the collapse of Hollande is sad for such a big country to search for his leader at the faces of Sarkozy and Le Pen!

     Finally, about us, we hope to harm ourselves the less possible and talk again on Monday. Until then let’s rejoice our allies and partners, and of course our own great leaders!


     A Greek who can’t feel proud anymore.

With respect

B. Anagnostou (GREECE)


Author of the book "21st CENTURY - The Schism of the peoples and the modern Renaissance!" Versions Livani, January 2014

PS. This article will be sent to the media of all EU countries and the USA. Also it will be sent to their respective governments, institutions and personal to the Heads of these states! 

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