Mr. Obama, what finally happens to the USA? How many taunts and insults should you and the members of your government, accept by Schäuble and Merkel to react?
     You claim that you are concerned about the existential problems of Europe, but what do you do for them? The answer is obvious, nothing, words and just words, remaining until today just a casual observer, by marginalizing your country.
     It is so disheartening for peoples to see their President and his country to be vilified by the Germans, who somebody wonders if all this behavior is part of a plan. Is it?
     If not, ask yourself whether disassociating from the EU proceedings, you commit one of the most tragic mistakes as a country, as soon you will be asked to pay your price along with peoples of Europe!

    Don’t you see that the things have been got away? Lost in their world, they feel masters of everything and do not count anyone anymore, not even you. How is it possible not to realize where they lead the E.U and the global community?
     They have already won the economic war in Europe, established their economic empire (unfortunately with your help), now what do you expect, to intervene the moment they will start the 3d World War?
     See the atrocities they made in Brussels, so as the negotiations to fail, traducing and humiliating the proud people and their allies. Is it possible these people to decide for the fate of peoples of Europe?
     However, the most serious of all is, that the behavior of Schäuble-Merkel  is not accidental, as well as the behavior of the German people, against the other peoples of Europe, as their citizens have the greatest responsibility for everything that happen, because unfortunately they consent, having  believed that they can accomplish their great vision!
     This is confirmed when somebody sees the 70% rate of popularity of this grisly, new Nazi and fascist Schaeuble and go back to the percentages of Hitler before the start of the 2nd W.W. To this, add also the culture of their peoples, their behavior and their ardent and untold desires to dominate Europe. It is what they have tried repeatedly to do and they will not hesitate to do it again, painting Europe with blood, destroying peoples and their economies!

      Mr. President, Greece has never forgotten its friends and allies, as well as its enemies. And at this stage of its history it has the need of the first ones. Be sure to erase our debt (remember the Marshall Plan and the reasons it was given to our country), as you must never forget that when our allies needed us, we did not hesitate to offer our children’s blood, demolishing our economy, something that we pay until today!
     Moreover, perhaps you should ask yourself among others, if the hate of Germans towards our people is related to the fact that we stood on the side of our allies in the 2nd W.W.  and now we must pay the price of our decision.
     And if we are unable to react, what is the debt of our allies? What do you do about it and how is it possible not to concern watching Germany converting Greece, the cradle of civilization and democracy, to its colony?
     Moreover, how do you allow the IMF, be controlled by you to destroy our country and denigrate our people?
     It is obviously that nobody understands, even you, that the problem is not Greece, nor of course the other peoples of the EU.
      The problem of Europe is the emerging from its ashes Germany, which once again will divide and ruin Europe, leading, at the same time, the global community to geopolitical developments and upheavals that nobody would like!


     If you do not, as the President of the World, let's all get ready for Armageddon coming!

With respect

V. Anagnostou (GREECE)


Author of the book "21st CENTURY - The Schism of the peoples and the modern Renaissance!" Versions Livani, January 2014

PS. This article will be sent to the media of all EU countries and the USA. Also it will be sent to their respective governments, institutions and personal to the Heads of these states!


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