When finally will understand those who govern the peoples that exceeded the limits and that what they do will turn as a boomerang? They do not see what's happening throughout the earth and just a few days ago what happened in France?
    When they will stop the blind eye and open their eyes to face the reality and impasses that have created to people and when will finally stop this global hypocrisy?
    Of course my intention is not to mention the multiple existential problems of the people, because it would take hundreds of pages and surely this would concluded to writing a new book, which today at least is not my intention.
    I will therefore limit myself to a short text of two pages to comment simply a fact that should in my view have revolutionized the world public opinion and especially the tortured people of Europe, after two global wars and 60 million victims, something which unfortunately did not happen!
    I refer to the issue of Times of England who have declared Angela Merkel, as the most prominent and important political figure in Europe and at the same time as the most powerful woman in the world!


    That means that the Times believes that whoever committed the greatest crime (because that has committed Merkel in Europe), may consider himself the prize contender for next year!
    Ok. True moral lesson, we will take it seriously under consideration although it seems difficult to surpass the performance of Merkel and the other contenders!
    However we have a proposal that could be useful to rewards, which seems very reasonable and fair for them. They can also honor the champion of the kind, the unsurpassed until today Ad. Hitler, even after his death, because he really deserves it, because he gave them the opportunity to rebuild London and to feed in several million fewer mouths of  people helping after the war their economy (older people who mourned their people will remember better what happened, the younger have to ask them to learn!)

    Of course I hope that nobody will dare to insult our intelligence under the pretext of press freedom, because firstly ALL GREEKS believe in it and honor THE SACRIFICE OF THE PEOPLE OF CHARLIE HEBDO, secondly they are given many times their lives for concepts and values such as Freedom (let's remember what has been said about the Greeks by their leader Winston Churchill) and thirdly Greeks offered and taught the Republic to all the other people in the world!

    You know, I left a few days to pass, to see the reactions of the European citizens and media, waiting to be condemned this unspeakable award, accusing the specific group for the unacceptable, provocative and insulting to the intelligence and morals of all European citizens act, hoping that this will happen and on the other side of the Atlantic, but unfortunately no one react!
    And now I wonder once again, believing that with me some tens or hundreds of millions of European citizens will wonder too, for what happens and what games they are played against people?
    How can the most hateful person of Europe to be rewarded by European and especially British, when mainly due to her policy they want to leave the EU? What are the causes and what are their criteria? When media will finally stop this blatant hypocrisy and why everything must be sacrificed on the altar interweaving and money?
    How they dared to honor the most hated person in the EU when she has already destroyed by her policy half of the people in Europe and she leads us mathematicaly to an occupation regime creating  Germany’s  Europe the 4th Reich?
    Did anyone of these interrelated and powerful people of the world thought in view of the last events of Paris, that vilification of human values led global developments in today's social status and that may be this is the beginning of major social changes, and maybe this is the beginning of the end for them?
    Obviously they do everything to cancel or at least postpone the upcoming developments, however making uncontrollably what they want against the peoples, covering with opacity all their actions and proclaiming to the ultimate theorem stinking tactics, believing that noone will touch them!
    Obviously they are wrong and sometime they will understand it, when you its going to be late. The problem however is that this reckless and criminal behavior will be paid from innocent people!
    See what happens around us and where are driven the societies of peoples. The measure is lost by both sides, between strong and weak and no one can predict the next day. Governments that are conducted and carried by the powerful as puppets by paying any of their debts, do not hesitate to sacrifice their citizens serving their plans.
    Unfortunately they determine the destinies of nations and play with the lives of ordinary people unable to react and become victims of their unsaturated appetites. They are the ones that the last thing that would interest them, would be if they lost 17 people or 1017 or even several million citizens in order to maintain their positions or to wake up the next day with some more billion in their accounts, without hesitating of course to shed some crocodile tears in front of the cameras, as always, for the loss of ''their nationals''.
    But let's answer to their people, all those who govern together with the others who control the global economy, how it can happen in a global society that every year more and more the number of the starving millions of people grow, the millionaires and billionaires to grow too?
    If they do not have a draft answer, they have to look to find it between their insatiable thirst to increase their wealth, the sustained increase in the poverty and misery of the people, their mercenary operations in other states and the feeling of injustice who feel the weak peoples, hapless and helpless to react against the powerful!
    Finally, I want to believe that some international media among them who will receive our article, will proceed to the publication and annotation of it, as this would show that not everythinh have been corrupted and that we can still hope!!!

   After all the above, what else could someone expect other than when finally the moment will come that the peoples of the earth will be governed by intelligents and mainly ''people''!

Basilis Anagnostou (Greece)


Writer of the book ‘’21st Century - The division of people and the modern revival!’’ Livani publications, December 2013

PC: This article was sent to the governments of all countries of the European Union and the USΑ. Was also sent in some selected reputable media of these countries.

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