This inimitable duo of modern SS spoke again offering bile instead of water to an entire folk, which led with their political and economic choices in disaster!
What they have found to tell the Greek people for daring to change the government of putting aside their previous submissive and their minions was the one to say derogatory that is a waste of time to deal with the Greeks and the other to threat an entire nation by sending an ultimatum to comply with their requirements and their orders!

   Eventually where the EU goes and what will stop the onslaught of the Germans?
   They do not see their behavior towards other people, their excessive arrogance and their strategy? Ceased to count their partners, they decide and order and those who do not comply are punished, always facing other peoples as their minions and serfs!

   Really, has no one thought to take a look at the short and relatively recent failed colonial history of the Germans?
Of course not that its worth it to bother with it, but it would be interesting someone to see some elements that define their culture as a nation, which has not changed anything in terms of methods and their thinking, their barbarism, their unconventional behavior towards their fellow human beings and their fanaticism regarding their tribal origins and superiority over all other peoples!
    It is up to shocking to see someone the identification of two different eras, comparing the events and crimes that are the same in terms of their strategy and results, although they play in different centuries.
    Of course this happens because a nation has not changed beliefs, principles, characteristics and goals, so it remained the same and with greatest experiences in relation to their mistakes, hurt by their failures are much more dangerous than ever before!
    It is those elements that keep them intact as a nation and never prevented them to lead tens of millions of people to death when they burned people in ovens or entered their homes and executed on the spot or gathered in the squares the women and elders and they were shooting or hanged up on their trees encroaching every human value and showing the bestial and murderous instincts!!!

   If you believe that this nation is to preside in the EU setting developments and the future of its peoples, consider it as Europeans, as you must also consider whether doing right these governments that are in favor of the Germans and go along with them!

   However, to help our memories and to realize what it means Germany and German culture and people, we should exemplified in their recent colonial history in Africa, when with their criminal methods of their heralding essentially what they would do during the Second world war when they attempted again to turn in their colony throughout Europe!
   The policy implemented in Africa in many countries, such as Cameroon, Duala, the Dagomba, in Togo and in other States bordering with them, as well as indigenous populations such as the Herero and Nama are tactics that go beyond common sense and human nature to civilized peoples, bringing us to the memory the extermination of Jews and other minorities!
   They have extinguished up to 80% of these populations, executing those who did not comply with their requirements or were not performing their work what they wanted or even when they could not pay the extra taxes per person!
   Of course they were not content just to this, their inhumanity, brutality and criminal nature they demonstrated when while leaving these states as cold executives, they poisoned their sources simultaneously burning their crops, thus leaving behind scorched earth with women and children to die poisoned and boned in the streets, reminding onslaught of Huns in other seasons, while perhaps the most tragic of all is that all this happened recently, before the two world wars!!!
   Finally, as to the deeds must be said that some remaining alive people were transported to ‘camps' of work and research’ by making them experimental animals. All this does remind you of something?

   What else should I say at last in order the Europian governments to open their eyes and to cast off Germans utside the EU?
   Why all governments turn a blind eye and neglect and what else can they expect from these people?
   It's so obvious their intentions that every intelligent man on earth, could not avoid reaching the conclusion that as long as the rulers folks do not react, apparently because they do serve their personal political and economic interests and committed stench of their agreements with their interlaced remain uninvolved, delivering their peopleto  the nutrition of the Germans!
    What else could we believe, unless' they are mentally disabled or castrated, because there is not a different explaination for the behavior.
    But because this can not happen, I' m sorry, but obviously we must reach our first reasoning!


Basilis Anagnostou (Greece) 


Writer of the book ‘’21st Century - The division of people and the modern revival!’’ Livani publications, December 2013

PS: This article was sent to the governments of all countries of the European Union and the USΑ. It was also sent in some selected reputable media of these countries.

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