The masks fell, margins narrowed and there is no other choice on the horizon now. Germany will never change its economic policy because it will lose its suzerainty over the Europe!

   It's all the frustrations accumulated by the repeated failure of conquest and so much the hate against those who occasionally do not have allowed that, so that those of E.U politicians who do not understand or do not have the guts to face them, must go home to sit to their armchairs and allow new people more able than them to come and help their nations,  restructuring their countries and the place where their ancestors had lived and would live tomorrow for future generations.

   This geographical region of earth that called Europe , belongs to its people and none of the residents should never agree to make it Europe of Germany as the aspiring conquerors would like!

   They all need to stop talking about the exit of Greece or any other country of the South of the E.U and all people and their leaders should focus to find a way to brush off Germany of there!

   Let's move directly all institutions and the media of our country to view and notify abroad this specific proposal as the only survival solution for EU, something which would lead the above to the withdrawal of their positions and to change their strategy, either in isolation and expulsion from this! (See Article Plan B- GERMANY outside the European Union!!!)
   However to remember their recent history, maybe we should see the depth dimension and image of the whole matter and the risks posed by the presence of Germany as the leader of Europe!
Germany that fairly recently (before approximately 140 years) in a failed colonial effort (see Part B of the article, Schäuble: '' The Sitting Bull '' ...) sent to death some hundreds of thousands of innocent people and there was never tried for these hideous crimes, which on the basis of subsequent criminal acts, perhaps they did it to train a percentage of their people on executions and the decimation of entire nations and minorities, and then did not hesitate to lead to the death of 60 million people, unfortunately for all other peoples, succeeded again as a state to be the sovereign of Europe.

   While it is a step before the final prevalence and claims again the conquest of all peoples, by the grace of nothingness and the complete subjugation of other governments, the situations existing in the same conditions and scheming they are leading directly to the completion of  their targets!
And we, in all this lost as spectators in a theater absurd, trying to figure out if we are actually viewers or protagonists of this show evolved that comes up into drama about an entire nation!
    Let it be! We will wait for the next few days to see what will happen and mainly to see if there are still leaders in Europe, to raise the stature to the Germans and lead their people in better days, respecting themselves, their history and the struggles of their people!

With appreciation and respect for all Democratic citizens of Europe!

Vasilis Anagnostou (Greece)

Author of the book "21st CENTURY - The Schism of the peoples and the modern Renaissance!"

PS This article will be translated and send selectively to some reputable media of all EU countries and USA. It will be sent also to  their respective governments!


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