See the daily threats of IMF, the Schäuble, as well as the exclusion of Greece from the ESF assistance program of Monday 9/3 on the quantitative easing Eurozone countries and the only country that does not participate in it, is Greece!

   But because I believe we are after 5min, perhaps the Europeans and others ‘’friends and our partners’’ should think the consequences will have for them, Europe and the global economy, as well as for potential geopolitical changes that may occur, if Greece is outside of the Eurozone alone and in debt, forced to turn to another protecting force in order to find refuge in the face of dangers that surround her!

   Honestly without wanting to justify our own mistakes, I believe that the way they face our country (if there is not something deeper), is completely immature and inconsiderate. Which of course is not appropriate for wise political leaders, while the behavior of Germany has now escape of any limits of an elementary logic and solidarity that we should maintain towards their partners and particularly opposite of a Union Member level of Europe!
   In essence, we have a leader with militaristic ideas, positions and actions to govern Europe with an incredibly aggressive, arrogant, and vindictive up manic behavior towards those who oppose the stinking economic and geopolitical plans!
   And of course in relation to our country what we should keep is the despicable behavior, which could be interpreted as revenge against us, for our pride and our attitude towards resistance during World War II. Obviously these are not enough for them that made us want to complete their work, because they have other reasons to feel uncomfortable towards us for all that we offer as people in all other peoples of the earth, as compared with our own data could demonstrate is the ignorance and the lack of cultural offer, as well as the origin and the brutality of their race!
   And for those of them ignore their own story, let's read a few of the book "21st CENTURY!" To see each other, who were, how they lived and what they were taught how to exist as people in organized societies and not as semi-wild, ignorant and unfriendly beings, living in forests and steppes!
   Of course you should know that nothing will ever exempt them from their responsibility for the destruction and crimes that have been made against the people of Europe and beyond, as well as for the worst to happen in the next period if folks do not promptly react to their plans!

   However to get to by this, there is no longer any doubt that what they have already begun to worry some of their counterparts, and other institutional representatives, institutions and important personalities of the EU!
   Now multiply those who question directly, if the duo Merkel and Schäuble can, because of their political and degrading behavior and intolerance, lie in their hold jobs and treat to the other partners as absolute leaders of the EU, considering Europe their colony!!!
   They have surpassed any limit of authoritarianism and arrogance, as the daily show with their attitude, especially towards the weak, that every moment that passes they are driving them over a cliff, preparing and the next ones that now are enjoying their immunity, without understanding what will happen to themselves as politicians and to their people!

   Allow me please in order to all understand what we all suffer as individuals and people, to go to the following question and in a wider sense involves a test position. Ever wonder why when referring to a decision to be taken within the EU framework, the first thing we think of is that the Germans would react? Do you think that's what we should be going? Of course not, but unfortunately is what happens, and exceeding the limits of a normal reaction of a citizen of the EU, as it is completely unnatural to what happens when we all know that it is a Union of European States, not a protectorate of German !
   Finally let me say that it not only honors us as citizens, but instead affects brutally hundreds of millions of citizens of Europe and is a disgrace to all people !!!

Always with appreciation and respect for all the Democrats citizens of Europe!

Vasilis Anagnostou (Greece)

Author of the book "21st CENTURY - The Schism of the peoples and the modern Renaissance!" Livanis Publications, January 2014

PS This article after posting will be translated and sent to the media of all countries in the EU, as in some media of USA.  Also it will be sent to some of their respective governments!


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