Don’t you see where they lead us and the Armageddon coming? Who will stop the downward spiral and the dissolution of the EU if its members don’t?
    Greece because of its ''special place'', naturally by itself can not do much beyond those that it’s trying. While we are in danger for the undesirable to happen, we must also accept that we can not even refer to lost values ​​and hope in the solidarity of people, because these unfortunately for humanity in today's societies are past. The worst for societies of people!
    But I can not avoid the following questions that I am sure that torment millions of people and that will probably come to a conclusion that is not pleasant for anyone, such as: Where is the spirit of the most sacred values ​​of all the values ​​of humanity, freedom of People, that entire nations have been built on?
    Also where is the spirit of the leaders of the Free and proud Members of the continent, which should pervades the current leaders, who delivered Europe without a fight to the Germans? How can we forget all the past wars that brought havoc and destruction throughout Europe, their atrocities, ''crematorium'', mass executions of women and children and burning of entire villages, looting of national treasures of the Member but also the property of individuals, also the 60 million victims?
    How can as leaders to agree to have their people under the rule of a new Nazi Germany and to serve as dependent states, when just 70 years ago they lived in their possession? Except the maximum shame that from themselves have to feel, they do not see what Germans as a state have accomplished and what will happen?
    And because it's so obvious what will happen, one wonders if indeed the above blind eye or consciously lead their people to a CPP because of the global economic impasse and the real danger of the powerful to lose them all, as they face plus the uprising of the people, because they exceeded all limits and feel to lose the game. Obviously they want to consolidate their positions, to preserve their wealth and redistribute the world and people, as always after global conflict!
    And this of course can not happen with the absence of war and misery of the people!

    So let me ask considering the prevailing worldly conditions by reduction and absurdum to reach the following conclusion: I believe absolutely that they lead us to a third world war. It's what will happen and it is not too far from us!
    It is the answer to all these obvious questions of citizens of all people who live permanently unanswered, like, why not intervene governments of nations to resolve social issues and problems of their citizens. And no one thinks how this could happen when the elected people are mouthpieces of the strong!

     Sorry for the above, but this is my personal opinion and if folks do not timely intervene to change their governments with honest politicians able to respect and properly serve their people, will lead inevitably to the above developments!
    The small Greece made a start, let the other Members follow!
    If they do not, let everyone get ready for a new havoc and this time will be the worst that could be for all mankind!!!
Always with appreciation and respect for all the Democrats citizens of Europe!

Vasilis Anagnostou (Greece)

Author of the book "21st CENTURY - The Schism of the peoples and the modern Renaissance!" Versions Lebanon, January 2014

PS This article will be translated and sent to the media of all countries in the EU, as in some media of USA. Also will be sent to their respective governments!


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