Mr Schäuble, if among your goals is to revive the Nazi Germany and become the new leader with ''fräulein'' Angela supporting you, then go, you are on correct road!
  Also if one of your goals is to shake down a new record of extreme ritual murders and executions of 6,000,000 people of a nationality as in the past, you are also correctly handle things, because our people with the elders and women, are more than 10.000.000, so you have all space you need to maneuver scoring your first goal and continue headlong with the rest of Europe. You will overcome the second record of Germany, the record of 60 million victims of your like-minded and compatriot Adolf!

   At this point I hope you realize that the population of our country would be considerably higher if you didn’t exterminate it.
   This of course is something you would not want to discuss, as well as the military occupation compensations, the massacres and executions of yours, the starvation you imposed on our country with hundreds of thousands of victims, as well as the complete destruction of the structure of our entire state for decades. Till today we pay the price of the war you caused and only you!!!

   From our part we would say to you that we are sorry for not giving you Acropolis when you were leaving Greece, but yesterday the issue was covered once more by this emerging incompetent captain of neo-Nazis and obviously your tireless supporter, the director of BILD, Mr. Raichelt, who told us to sell now Acropolis with our islands to you, in occasion prices due to our difficult economic situation in which of course you put us in as a country!
   We believe that you are our good friend and supporter, so please allow us to worry about you and so we recommend to you to formalize your actions, in case in future you are accused as a war criminal, something that could cost your life because people like you “are rare and your type should not be eliminated”.

So I would suggest you to ask for vote of confidence of the German parliament, because this will surely honor and support your kind, universal and national goals, reminding you all the good old times of your nation!
   Please do not give up. Keep high your morale and even if sometimes you have some difficulties to encounter some unruly people and their representatives, you know what to do. You do it every time!
   You make them firstly impoverish financially as states and peoples and then denigrate them, making them even guinea pigs, as you did also during the Second World War and not only then. You had done the same some years ago, in the late of 19th century in your colonial effort, killing also hundreds of thousands of people, who were unable to defend themselves in your expansion plans and your atrocities!

   Finally Mr. Schaeuble be well, may you rejoice your kowtowed partners and your minions, as Mr. Dijsselbloem and the others whom you managed to convince by buying their consciences with money and promises and you try as long as you are the rulers of Europe to enjoy it, because soon people will awake, will demand for changes or will change their governments and will send you and your people wherever you deserve!!!

(How? - read the article Plan B-GERMANY OUTSIDE OF THE E.U.!!!)

   But I believe that all Members of E.E will understand your real intentions and for the good of their people will reject you. Let's just hope that this happens the soonest possible, while we are in the Eurozone, because we will never stop fighting for the good of Europe!

With appreciation and respect for all Democratic People!

Vasilis Anagnostou (Greece)

Author of the book "21st CENTURY - The Schism of the peoples and the modern Renaissance!"

Note: This article will be translated and sent selectively to some reputable media of all EU countries and USA. It will also be sent to some of their respective governments!

PS: Appeal to all recipients to work to ensure and preserve the future of Europe!!!

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