It is obvious now that the German Finance Ministry should have serious personal health problems that affect his judgment, in relation to his decisions and behavior. Certainly no one is pleased with his problem, but of course this does not give him the right to decide about the lives of others and the dissolution of the EU!
His behavior is highly disruptive and is inconsistent with the institutional position he has and of course under these conditions, it is wrong to stay in this position!
The position of Minister of Finance especially of Germany because of the special weight it has, it must be occupied by a perfectly balanced person, compassion, healthy and friendly towards its adjacent counterparts, its representatives of institutions and governments of all member states.

   Are there many people who believe that such person can play unifying role and the role of bridging the differences between the states within the framework of the EU?
The leaderships of all States in and out of Europe (some of them confess the below and others try to avoid it for reasons of expediency), know that a grexit except of the economic damage that would cause in Europe and in global economy, it could be the start of the end of the dissolution of EU, something that Prominent economists and analysts of all around the earth confirm, in contrast of the Nazi fascists tabloids BILD & SPIEGEL, which permanently publish the contrary for reasons that serve Germany!

   While these are happening and the danger is imminent, it is perhaps matter of a few weeks for the undesirable to happen for Europe, the inimitable and nondescript Mr. Schaeuble does everything to succeed!
   If there is not an orchestrated plan spearheaded him to break the EU then, his behavior confirms that man has lost his mind, he is totally out of limits and certainly faces serious psychological problems!
But one wonders if he is not militant for the completion of the above goal, how he remains in this position deciding for the future of a continent of hundreds of millions of citizens!

   Moreover what the governments of other nations do? Don‘t they see where Europe is being driven? Do they forget that they are elected by the people and that they have to defend the ideal of their national independence and not to act as minions of the Germans, who continue to do whatever they want to their partners behaving as conquerors and colonizers, strangling their economies and leading them in economic and social impasses and finally turning them into rogue states?

   It is time for them to decide now, before it is too late to stand up against them, because this is they must do as leaders of their people!

   Also they must wonder whether this is the ideal time to retake the fortunes of their people in their hands, proving it by resolving the Greece issue and by this way, they will give Germany the stigma of their determination and of the end of their sovereignty!
  Only if they retake in their hands the reins of Europe and Germany looses the suzerainty of EU will safeguard their countries from the Armageddon that is coming. Otherwise they will lead their people to vilification and destruction!
No one should not forget that we are talking about Germany, the country, we all know what has repeatedly done to other people and we understand now what they want to do in near time, in order to complete their unfulfilled, stinking sovereign and other criminal designs!!!

  Before closing let me bring back the words of Winston Churchill, who obviously would like to say a lot, but found a way to tell all in a nutshell!


Each one of us may draw own conclusions and especially the leaders of the people!

With appreciation and respect for all Democratic Peoples!

Vasilis Anagnostou (Greece)

Author of the book "21st CENTURY - The Schism of the peoples and the modern Renaissance!"

PS: This article will be translated and sent selectively to some reputable media in all EU countries and USA. It will be sent to some of their respective governments, hoping to make it in time prescribed by logic and their duty to safeguard their economies and their peoples!!!


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