Clearly, it is time that the EU states but also all the other great powers, should take the big decisions!
   Should jointly decide now for the good of their people and the future of Europe, whether to proceed to the rescue of Greece, while preparing the ouster of Germany from the EU or leave Greece to collapse by highlighting and reinforcing the hegemony of Germans, with all that this implies for the EU, its people and world peace!
   The easy answer for those who do not see the real risks are, be a GREXIT of Greece with all that this means for the EU, but of course this option is for those who can not see the next day.
   If this happen certainly in the next time, it would create very serious problems in the EU and the global economy and perhaps biggest problems in Greece, which obviously would satisfy some who believe that they should punish for an example bad Greeks and their people!
   However this option and position is for some who watch the tree and lose the forest burned, as no one of them sees what will happen the next time, when Germany will complete its plans!!!

   Please see some of my previous articles recently where in one of them specifically is mentioned the following: << Last, let's start from somewhere the process of isolation of this carcinoma of Europe, that is trying for the third time in the last 100 years to hurt all mankind, because the circumstances have changed and what will happen will not look like anything with what happened in the two previous wars!

   I find it impossible to believe that there may be a man of intelligent remotely informed about what is happening in Europe, that can’t see that the Germans are close to complete their decadent ethnic agendas!
  The establishment of the 4th Reich, which will start with their economic predominance and will inevitably end up where they have leaded humanity and the previous two times!!!

   But even if I accept that a large proportion of European citizens is indifferent or unaware of what is happening or even if they can not predict the consequences will be and that will suffer in the near future themselves, their governments what will they do and what will they tell their people when this happens?

   These are the few in my humble opinion to be reported and make the rounds of the world, believing that they could sensitize the media, actors, politicians and famous personalities of all social classes, all those who can be activated in time to help their people and their governments!

   With respect to all the proud, free and democratic citizens!

Anagnostou Vasilis

PS This article has been translated simultaneously and selectively sent to the media of all EU countries and U.S.A.  Also, it has been sent to their respective governments!

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