First of all we should remind to the ''blameless, selfless and above all suspicions'' accusers and critics partners of ours, who have never stopped to accuse us, devaluing our country and our people, that the land they are stepping on, the land their ancestors lived and the land their descendants will live, is bears a Greek name!!!
   And for the few outside Greece who ignore it, have to learn that the name of Europe comes from the time of ancient Greece and is a product of Greek mythology. It is perfectly connected with the name of the princess named Europe, who according to the texts, had been kidnapped by the ''naughty'' God of Olympus, Zeus, to make her his wife ......
Also, the single currency of Europe is obviously a product of the same story and the name of it belongs to the Greeks!

   At the same time I remind to you that the new banknote of 20€ has a portrait of Europe, which of course should were also in all other currencies for obvious reasons!

   Finally, the constitution, the institution of the Republic, with which they were organized and were developed into modern developing societies all people of the earth and all live today as civilized people, is also from us the Greeks and to us the  Greeks they owe, along with the knowledge and wisdom the ancestors of ours selflessly offered them!!!

   It is what all scientists of the earth proclaim, people of arts and letters, contemporary philosophers and others and as I analyse in my book, they reach to the point to say phrases like, '' Europe is the one that for 2500 years up to now owes to Greece. We are talking about the Greek debt without noting that owe an eternal debt that cannot be rewarded, because it concerns our existence, our culture and ... ''. After that, what else can be said for our critics?

   Therefore, because what obviously some of our partners are seeking can be characterised at least as joke and utopian, may the persecutors and critics of ours care for renounce at least the above four elements, because it is obvious and clear that they have no right to them and they should rush to create another Union naming it as they want!
   However because as Greeks we believe in values, in the free will of the people and in the institution of democracy, because we created it, we taught it to all other peoples of the earth and we should always be the first to observe it and honor it as the supreme good and the ultimate polity, we say that they are free to do what they want but they should think about the consequences firstly and what it will may cost them!

   So let they keep at least the basic rules of conduct and let us take their decisions distancing themselves of all the above, up to the time we will decide as natural creators and owners of all these rights, if we will allow them in the future to use all or part of them.
   If we will assert by them as state and nation rights for the use till today and finally if we will give to them the right in the future to call themselves Europeans, as they can decide based on their own history and origin to call themselves Huns, Gauls, or anything other they want from their past, even with their mythology!
    And if they insist on the expulsion of our country by the EU, then they should name the land they live whatever they want, but not Europe!

   And because of course we live and we participate as a small and helpless country at this theater of the absurd, where the scenarios and actions take place not only in Europe but in all parts of the earth, I would suggest to those who have some questions in order to form a more complete picture on those topics to read my book, in which except of the analysis on our sovereign rights and our demands for our highest polity of 'Republic of the Athenians', also referred to in some New alternative socioeconomic positions and policy proposals that could be classified at least as promising for societies of peoples, adding another global social dimension, capable of changing the hitherto social data to all the peoples of the earth!

Always believing in a better social world system!

With respect to all the proud, free and democratic citizens of all countries of the earth!

Vasilis Anagnostou (Greece)

Author of the book "21st CENTURY - The Schism of the peoples and the modern Renaissance!" Versions Livani, January 2014

This article was translated and selectively sent to the media of all EU countries and the USA. It was also sent with some changes to their respective governments, and all the European institutions!


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